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We’re constantly looking to bring our call for volunteers to the forefront of our community so we’ve been busy creating some new promotional videos for our county’s 94 volunteer fire departments. We hope you like them and Respond!


There’s a big difference between virtual and reality.
Get REAL: Fight fires. Save lives. Volunteer Today!

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Nothing Better than Helping People: Aidan Vangelov

At first, 19-year-old Aidan Vangelov was hesitant to join the East Amherst Volunteer Fire Department because of the time commitment he thought it took, but in December 2016 he caught “the bug” of the love for helping people right away.

Although he doesn’t have any family who have served in the fire service, he was strongly influenced by his father Dave who has worked in the fire industry for most of his career.

Once he made the decision to get involved he realized just how enjoyable serving others can be. Aidan just graduated from Erie County’s Firefighter 1 Boot Camp training program on July 21, 2017 with 17 other volunteer firefighters from across the county. The course was delivered in a blended-learning environment where the students first attended a weekend orientation in May and then completed online coursework until they came back together for another weekend in June. That was followed by more online learning before attending the two-week Boot Camp conducted Monday-Friday for the two weeks in July and required 6-9 hours of intensive hands-on training and skills testing each day .

“It’s been a great experience and nothing beats helping people.” –Erie County Volunteer Firefighter Aidan Vangelov

If you or someone you know are interested in joining Aidan and the more than 6,000 volunteer firefighters in Erie County, sign up today and we’ll connect you with the appropriate agency in your community.


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Line Up Now to Serve Your Community!

Line Up NowAs part of FASNY’s annual RecruitNY program, twenty-five Erie County Volunteer Fire Departments will open their doors to the community and prospective volunteers Saturday-April 29 and/or Sunday-April 30.

Several of the participating fire companies are offering no-obligation “Firefighter Try-Out” programs that allow interested parties to test drive the opportunity to do some of the tasks and activities that volunteer firefighters and first responders do.

Here’s a list of participating agencies as of 4/19/17. Find one in your neighborhood and line up to serve your community!

Click here for a complete list of Erie County Volunteer Fire Departments and Emergency Squads and join today!

Akron Fire Company 1 Main St.
Akron, NY
716-542-3177 April 29 More Info
Big Tree Fire Company 4112 Big Tree Rd.
Hamburh, NY
716-825-6144 April 29 More Info
Blossom Fire Company 1000 North Blossom Road
Elma, NY
716 6682775 April 30 More Info
Boston Fire Co 6746 Mill St
Boston, NY
(716)941-6200 April 29 More Info
Brighton Vol. Fire Co 50 Jamaica Rd
Tonawanda, NY
716-837-6255 April 29 More Info
chaffee sardinia fire co 13670 briggs st
chaffee, NY
716 496 5150 April 29 More Info
Cleveland Hill Fire Department 440 Cleveland Dr
Cheektowaga, NY
(716)835-7520 April 30 More Info
East Aurora Volunteer Fire Department 33 Center St.
East Aurora, NY
716-652-8200 April 29 More Info
Forks Fire Department 3330 Broadway
Cheektowaga , NY
716-583-2907 April 30 More Info
Getzville Fire Company 630 Dodge Road
Getzville, NY
716- 688-0116 April 29 More Info
716-632-1199 April 29 More Info
Highland Hose Vol. Fire Co. 1 George Nablo Pkwy
Derby, NY
(716) 947-4505 April 29 More Info
Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Company 4591 Lake Shore Road
Hamburg, NY
7167718619 April 29 More Info
Main-Transit Fire Dept. 6777 Main Street
Amherst, NY
7166329710 April 30 More Info
Mortons corners vol Fire Department 13363 Mortons Corners rd
Springville , NY
7165924665 April 29 More Info
north collins vfd 15340 main st
North Collins, NY
716-796-3436 April 29-30 More Info
Orchard Park Fire Company 30 School St
Orchard Park, NY
(716) 662-5774 April 30 More Info
Reserve hose fire department 2400 berg Rd
West Seneca, NY
716-536-4579 April 29 More Info
River road 39 Kaufman ave
Tonawanda , NY
(716)874-9140 April 29 More Info
Scranton Vol. Fire Co. 5395 Scranton Rd
Hamburg, NY
7166484563 April 29 More Info
Springville Volunter Fire Department 405 W. Main St.
Springville, NY
716-592-4487 April 29 More Info
Twin District Volunteer Fire Company 4999 William St
Lancaster, NY
(716) 270-7001 April 29 More Info
U-Crest fd 255 clover pl
Cheektowaga , NY
716-548-2851 April 30 More Info
West Falls Fire Company 1864 Davis Rd.
West Falls, NY
(716)652-1353 April 30 More Info
Winchester Fire Company 514 Harlem Rd
West Seneca, NY
(716) 824-5922 April 29 More Info
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NYE Resolution: Volunteer!

holiday-video-start-screenFrom Erie County’s more than 5,000 Volunteer Firefighters: “Have a Safe and Happy Holiday” and please consider joining your local volunteer fire department in the New Year.

Thanks to our media partners WBBZ-TV for producing thisa :30 second ad spot that includes a friendly holiday greeting, important safety messages and a call to volunteer.

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Say Thanks. Join Our Ranks!

our-volunteers-their-storiesAs if saving lives and running into burning buildings isn’t extraordinary enough, our communities benefit from thousands of extraordinary volunteers who give their time and energy – their lives to do just that every day. Published thirteen years ago, a 2003 FASNY study indicated that Erie County’s 94 volunteer fire departments save our taxpayers $203 million dollars each year.

That’s why we ‘re building and celebrating three special campaigns that feature our great team of volunteer firefighters:

  • ReDEFINE Yourself! celebrates our county’s growing number of fire service Triple-F volunteers: Fabulous Female Firefighters.
  • firstFAMILYfirst highlights the benefits of joining what we affectionately call our ‘second family’, especially when you’re already ‘firstFAMILYfirst’!
  • DEFINE: Active! showcases our seemingly super-human volunteers who juggle home, work, family and a laundry list of volunteering activities in their REALLY active lifestyles!

All three campaigns can be found under the “Our Volunteers. Their Stories.” menu tab.

So, check out our super volunteers, take the time to say thanks and consider joining our ranks: Fight Fires. Save Lives. Volunteer TODAY!

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