Volunteer. Earn College Credits.

Photo courtesy of: FireRECRUITER.com

Through a grant from the US Department of Homeland Security, the Erie County Department of Emergency Services in collaboration with the Erie County Fire Chiefs Mutual Aid Organization currently offers new recruits the opportunity to earn up to four (4) credit hours through Erie Community College (ECC) for completing their basic firefighter training.

Titled “Firefighter 1” — this basic course gives new recruits the fundamentals to perform as a member of a firefighting team — to be a ‘combat ready’ firefighter — and work under the supervision of a higher trained, more experienced firefighter or officer.

For information about this tuition assistance program, contact your local volunteer fire department, complete our simple contact form, call our Erie County Volunteer Firefighter Hotline at 716.601.3021 or send us an email to iVolunteerFIRE@erie.gov.

FASNY HELP: Our State Firefighters Association — FASNY (Firemen’s Association of the State of New York) has also developed the Higher Education Learning Plan (FASNY HELP) as an incentive for people to serve. This program provides tuition reimbursement to individuals attending community college for up to eighty (80) credit hours.

Under FASNY HELP, student-volunteers are eligible to have up to 100% of their tuition reimbursed in exchange for maintaining their grades and fulfilling defined service requirements. They must also be a “member in good standing” in one of New York’s volunteer fire companies during both their school years and service payback period.

Click FASNY HELP to learn more.

Whichever program sounds of interest to you, it all starts with joining your local volunteer fire department.

Learn more about joining the volunteer fire service by contacting your local volunteer fire department, completing our simple contact form, by calling our Erie County Volunteer Firefighter Hotline at 716.601.3021 or by sending an email to iVolunteerFIRE@erie.gov.

In Genesee County:

Click here to learn more about volunteering in Fire/EMS by visiting Get FIRED Up Genesee!

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