We’re Ready to RecruitNY!

We are Erie County Volunteer Firefighters: More than 5,000 strong. With you we can be stronger!

Ride a Fire Engine This Weekend” and listen to our RecruitNY Radio Interview on WYRK 106.5 with our Chief Recruiter Tiger Schmittendorf

Click VolunteerNY to find one of the 32 volunteer fire department open houses that might be in your neighborhood this weekend – Saturday-April 26 and/or Sunday-April 27.

Fight Fires. Save Lives. Volunteer Today!

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Do You Have What it Takes?

Did you ever wonder whether or not you had it in you to become a volunteer firefighter?

In addition to a big heart and the right attitude to serve your fire department and your community, it also takes a certain level of mental and physical toughness to get the job done. Continue reading

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Define Active: Sean Crotty

Define Active-Crotty2Think you lead an active lifestyle?

Don’t have time to volunteer?


Sean Crotty started his fire service career as a Fire Explorer with the North Boston Volunteer Fire Company at age 14. Once he became a full-fledged firefighter, he progressed quickly and became one of the youngest fire chiefs in the department’s history.

With a focus on pride, brotherhood and an appreciation for the history — and the future of the fire service — Sean Crotty has grown into his role as a fire service leader. Continue reading

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