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In Genesee County:

Click here to learn more about volunteering in Fire/EMS by visiting Get FIRED Up Genesee!

Erie County NY is proudly protected by some 5,000 volunteer firefighters and first responders serving in 94 Volunteer Fire Companies and 5 Volunteer EMS Units — and we’d like you to join our ranks.

If you think you can Fight Fires and/or Save Lives: VOLUNTEER TODAY!

Complete the contact information below and we’ll connect you with the nearest appropriate volunteer fire department or emergency squad in your neighborhood. We’ll get them the info ASAP and we’ll make sure they follow-up with you soon to capture your interest while the fire still burns inside.

Can’t figure out which volunteer fire department is the closest to your residence? Not sure where to start? Let us make the connection for you. Call our Volunteer Hotline at: 716.601.3021

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