Nothing Better than Helping People: Aidan Vangelov

At first, 19-year-old Aidan Vangelov was hesitant to join the East Amherst Volunteer Fire Department because of the time commitment he thought it took, but in December 2016 he caught “the bug” of the love for helping people right away.

Although he doesn’t have any family who have served in the fire service, he was strongly influenced by his father Dave who has worked in the fire industry for most of his career.

Once he made the decision to get involved he realized just how enjoyable serving others can be. Aidan just graduated from Erie County’s Firefighter 1 Boot Camp training program on July 21, 2017 with 17 other volunteer firefighters from across the county. The course was delivered in a blended-learning environment where the students first attended a weekend orientation in May and then completed online coursework until they came back together for another weekend in June. That was followed by more online learning before attending the two-week Boot Camp conducted Monday-Friday for the two weeks in July and required 6-9 hours of intensive hands-on training and skills testing each day .

“It’s been a great experience and nothing beats helping people.” –Erie County Volunteer Firefighter Aidan Vangelov

If you or someone you know are interested in joining Aidan and the more than 6,000 volunteer firefighters in Erie County, sign up today and we’ll connect you with the appropriate agency in your community.


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