iVolunteer-VolunteerNY Flyer2014

VolunteerNY is an annual recruitment program sponsored by the Firemens’ Association of the State of New York — commonly referred to as ‘FASNY‘. This year’s designated VolunteerNY weekend was April 26-27, 2014 as 32 volunteer fire departments in Erie County and many more across New York State opened their doors to anyone interested in joining their ranks.

As a result, 75 new citizens joined Erie County Volunteer Fire Departments just in May. We won’t know the full impact of those open house efforts but we do know one thing: the VolunteerNY program works for Erie County and New York State.

In Erie County:

Many of the participating fire departments offer “Firefighter Try-Outs” — a unique program that allows the average citizen the opportunity to test-drive the skills you’ll need to learn as a volunteer firefighter. Skills such as “Crush steel with the Jaws of Life”, “Gear Up to be a Firefighter”, “Test Drive the Latest Firefighting Technologies” and “Extinguish a Real Fire.” Several VFDs are offering free food and/or refreshments; and fun activities for kids of all ages.

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