For Everything Else — There’s FireCorps

Not everyone has to be the person running into a burning building as everyone else is running out. We believe that there’s plenty for everyone to do – on and behind the scene.

Several Volunteer Fire Departments in Erie County offer flexible memberships for those folks who can’t or don’t care to be an emergency responder. Some use the terms “Associate” or “Corporate” or “Auxiliary” to refer to these special members who work behind the scenes while other fire departments have adopted the national program of FireCorps to identify these non-emergency members.

As a Fire Corps volunteer, you can expect to assist your department in a non-emergency role. The activities vary greatly depending on the department or organization, but the list below should give you an idea of what opportunities may be available:

  • Teaching fire safety to children
  • Installing smoke alarms in area homes
  • Maintaining the department’s web site
  • Distributing disaster preparedness materials
  • Providing refreshments to first responders during long incidents (this is often called rehabilitation service or “rehab” for short)
  • Executing home safety checks
  • Bookkeeping
  • And so much more!

From accounting to auto mechanics and everything in between … if you have a skill, experience or just a passion to contribute to our fire company and your community – click or call us today.

If you are completely new to the fire and emergency service field, you may want to take a peek at this cheat sheet of Fire and Emergency Service Terminology from It’s not necessary to know the lingo, but it might make you a lot more comfortable in your new environment! If you have questions about becoming a Fire Corps volunteer, check out our FAQs.

To get started, check out these FireCorps profiles at

Fight Fires. Save Lives.

For everything else — there’s FireCorps!

Learn more about joining “Fire Corps” by contacting your local volunteer fire department, completing our simple contact form or by calling our Erie County Volunteer Firefighter Hotline at 716.601.3021.

In Genesee County:

Click here to learn more about volunteering in Fire/EMS by visiting Get FIRED Up Genesee!

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