Say Thanks. Join Our Ranks!

our-volunteers-their-storiesAs if saving lives and running into burning buildings isn’t extraordinary enough, our communities benefit from thousands of extraordinary volunteers who give their time and energy – their lives to do just that every day. Published thirteen years ago, a 2003 FASNY study indicated that Erie County’s 94 volunteer fire departments save our taxpayers $203 million dollars each year.

That’s why we ‘re building and celebrating three special campaigns that feature our great team of volunteer firefighters:

  • ReDEFINE Yourself! celebrates our county’s growing number of fire service Triple-F volunteers: Fabulous Female Firefighters.
  • firstFAMILYfirst highlights the benefits of joining what we affectionately call our ‘second family’, especially when you’re already ‘firstFAMILYfirst’!
  • DEFINE: Active! showcases our seemingly super-human volunteers who juggle home, work, family and a laundry list of volunteering activities in their REALLY active lifestyles!

All three campaigns can be found under the “Our Volunteers. Their Stories.” menu tab.

So, check out our super volunteers, take the time to say thanks and consider joining our ranks: Fight Fires. Save Lives. Volunteer TODAY!

By ecfire

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