Friends and other Benefits

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If you don’t know about the friendships, camaraderie and personal satisfaction that can come from being a volunteer firefighter – you need to experience it for yourself by joining our ranks.  But did you also know that some volunteer fire departments offer a pension-like program called a “Length of Service Award Program” (LOSAP) that rewards its members for their years of active service?

Some fire departments offer supplemental injury and disability insurance while others offer other incentives such as free or discounted fire department apparel and uniforms, fitness programs, rewards programs for responses and activities, dinners and family activities, etc.

Many local fire departments and local, regional, state and national fire service organizations offer college scholarships and tuition reimbursement programs.

The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) currently offers a comprehensive tuition reimbursement program under their Higher Education Learning Plan (HELP) under a US DHS grant for volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention. They also maintain a list of other tuition assistance program opportunities on their web site.

Locally, these organizations offer scholarships for firefighters, first responders and in some cases, their children:

Contact your local volunteer fire department or to make new friends and learn about the benefits they offer.

  • Volunteers Provide the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Fire Protection in Your Community (Outside of the Cities of Buffalo and Lackawanna).
  • There are 94 volunteer fire departments and approximately 5,000+ volunteer fire fighters in Erie County.
  • No previous fire or emergency services experience or training is required to volunteer.
  • Some fire companies offer limited forms of membership such as EMS Only, Fire Police Only, Fire Fighting Only, Specialized Rescue Only or Corporate Membership – while others require that you participate in all emergency services.
  • Most fire departments offer FREE training, personal protection equipment, pagers, uniforms, and/or other department apparel.
  • Some fire companies offer a Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) which rewards members for years of service.
  • Many fire companies offer a Firefighting Explorer Post program for youths age 14-18 and/or a mens/ladies auxiliary.
  • All Fire Companies in Erie County Want Additional Volunteers.

Fight Fires | Save Lives | VOLUNTEER TODAY!

Learn more about joining the volunteer fire service by contacting your local volunteer fire department, completing our simple contact form or by calling our Erie County Volunteer Firefighter Hotline at 716.601.3021.

In Genesee County:

Click here to learn more about volunteering in Fire/EMS by visiting Get FIRED Up Genesee!

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