Why I Chose Fire

IMG_1794A new video from Fire 20/20 shares the stories of next generation volunteer firefighters and “Why I Chose Fire!

Different people join the volunteer fire service for different reasons. Some “drive a desk” by day and want the chance to drive a fire engine at night – feeling the adrenaline rush that comes with responding to a real emergency.

Others are looking to add new training and experiences to their career path while some people have a more personal connection to the volunteer fire service. Maybe volunteer firefighting is a family tradition or perhaps, your family has needed our services in a personal emergency.

Underneath it all, everyone wants to give back to their community while gaining something for themselves – the personal satisfaction that only comes with being that person who makes things better on someone else’s worst day.

Whatever drives you to volunteer, take the first step by exploring your local fire department and learn about all the great opportunities to get involved.

Be a part of the next generation of volunteer firefighters. Join today! and tell us your story of “Why I Chose Fire!”

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