Interesting, Interrupted Lifestyle of Volunteers

131215 Buffalo News-Quirky Volunteers-DeGroat

Highland Hose Volunteer Firefighter Jack DeGroat has a veritable fire museum in his house, a collection of fire artifacts that’s been growing for decades. Photo: The Buffalo News

Buffalo News Feature Reporter Ann Neville — an Erie County Volunteer Firefighter herself — shares her keen insight into the interesting and interrupted lifestyles that come with being a volunteer firefighter in this two-page feature published on Sunday-December 15, 2013.

We often say that life in the fire service is not a job — it’s a lifestyle — and a very interrupted lifestyle at that. But, the next time the siren sounds we’re ready to run out the door: clothes, keys and equipment in hand; leaving our loved ones behind in a warm bed, at the dinner table, or just as we were all ready to walk out the door for a family gathering.

You see, it’s our families that make the real sacrifices. Every time the siren sounds — or our pager beeps — it’s another opportunity to go do what we love to do. That’s life in the volunteer fire service and we feel proud and blessed to be a part of it. We hope you will too.

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Buffalo News:

Download the PDF: 131215 Buffalo News-Quirky Volunteers

Fire Engineering Magazine Article on Brotherhood in the Fire Service:

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