I can do this too: Courtney Jasinski

Meet 23-year old Erie County Volunteer Firefighter Courtney Jasinski. Courtney works as a detailer and she joined the Winchester Volunteer Fire Company in West Seneca in January-2012.

Here’s her story…

iVolunteer-Poster-JasinskiCourtney-LRiVolunteerFIRE because:

Becoming a firefighter is not an easy task, nor did I ever think I would face this life changing challenge.

My boyfriend Anthony DiChristopher is a Fire Lieutenant with the Winchester Volunteer Fire Company in West Seneca. After watching him respond to calls after the tones dropped; helping him with a bunch of different projects and events around the fire hall, I thought to myself: “I can do this too.”

It was not too long before I fell into his foot steps and joined Winchester in January of 2012. Although all of the firefighters I know or have seen were men, I wasn’t discouraged. I didn’t want to give up or doubt my abilities — but I also knew I had to prove myself.

Anthony, along with other members of the company, influenced me to join and encouraged me that I was capable of doing the job. I was ready to take on the challenge of bringing my physical skills and mental abilities into play at an emergency.

My goal is to give back to the community by helping others while maintaining a commitment to the core values of the fire service: pride, honor, and integrity. 

What I love most about being a volunteer firefighter and first responder is the adrenalin rush and the uncertainty of every call. Even though I receive no direct compensation for my efforts, the opportunity to serve the community is an extremely rewarding experience.

I feel I’ve accomplished much in my short time in the fire service. I completed my Firefighter 1 basic training, started training for my certification as a Basic Emergency Medical Technician, and respond to every call I’m available for — all while completing my two-year degree.

I plan to keep advancing my my skills and abilities, taking tremendous pride and satisfaction in the work that I do.

Only you can make a difference in your life!

CLOSEUP01If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter or emergency medical technician like Courtney Jasinski, contact your local volunteer fire department, complete our inquiry form, call our recruitment hotline at 716.601.3021 or send us an email to iVolunteerFIRE@erie.gov today.

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