Never Too Old: Gus Buczek

Gus Buczek, 54, a machinist, Marine and proud volunteer firefighter with the South Line Volunteer Fire Company in Erie County NY.

Meet 54-year old Donald ‘Gus’ Buczek: a machinist by trade — US Marine by definition — and a volunteer firefighter by choice.

Gus joined the South Line Volunteer Fire Company in Cheektowaga NY in November of 2011 and graduated from Erie County’s Firefighter 1 Fall Boot Camp in September-2012.

A Soldier|Firefighter, Gus was recognized at his graduation ceremony by his fellow students for his positive attitude and admired for his service to our country.

iVolunteerFIRE because:

I wanted to give back to my community after I watched volunteer firefighters save my mother’s life years ago.

Some people said I’m too old to do this. That’s a bunch of ‘junk.’ You’re never to old to help someone when they need you most.


If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter or emergency medical technician like Gus Buczek, contact your local volunteer fire department, complete our inquiry form, call our recruitment hotline at 716.601.3021 or send us an email to today.


Comment from one of Gus’s classmates on Facebook after this was posted:

“I got to go through the 2-Week Boot Camp with this guy in our squad — he was a tank.  Never said no, did things in one try that other, younger classmates took a few tries to complete.  It was a great experience to spend the two weeks with him!”


By ecfire

3 comments on “Never Too Old: Gus Buczek

  1. I have known Gus and Joyce for over 20 years and I must say he is a person you would call in the middle of the night and he would be there for you…..He is a true friend and we are so very proud of him.He is kind and always a gentleman.We are so very privileged to have him in our lives…..Our HERO….You bet ya!

    Truman & Karen Prentis

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